9-15 July: Marksheets, Masks, and Mighty Insects

This week was slated to be one of the most important weeks of my life after the announcement that the Board marksheets would be out on the 10th of July, over three months after the exams were stopped midway due to the coronavirus pandemic. Along with that news, there’s discussion about masks, and some mighty insects which are currently plaguing my house. So without further ado, let’s get right into this week’s updates.

Marksheets: A story of fortune, happiness, and some disappointment.

There is perhaps no peaceful and harmless announcement that can drive thousands into a frenzy other than the announcement of exam results. On the 9th of July, around 6.30 in the evening, it was announced that the exam results would be announced on 10th, at 3 PM sharp. The reactions to this were highly mixed – some atheists turned theists, some were relieved that the results were coming out while biting their nails at the same time, while others experienced worse involuntary reactions, with some having their bladders and colon malfunctioning. However, what united each and every student for those 20.5 hours was a state of extreme tension.

It must be noted that no casualty due to nervous breakdown occurred, and we received our marks properly (although some people got so robotic that they could not crack the captcha for some time). While many were happy and content, others were a tad disappointed with their marks. It must be remembered that one exam can hardly define a person, and as mentioned in countless studies, praising oneself for the hard work one has done is much better than a self-afflicting nature. Therefore, everyone deserves to be happy at their success.

Congratulations, batch of 2019-2020!

Masks: The visible and the invisible.

In the current crisis, masks have flooded the markets. Various masks, from home-made ones to N95s, from multi-coloured ones to ones sporting superheroes, the creativity of humanity has managed to get another outlet. However, my discussion this week is not about the visible masks; it is about the invisible ones.

This is, this week’s Room for Thought.

There is a famous quote which I have come across on the Internet which goes:

Often, the first two masks completely hide the third one, and it might appear to others that a person has no troubles at all. The grass on the other side looks greener as it is, and such a mask can have an aggravating effect on such ideas.

It must be understood, that if such a thing happens to an introvert, or to a person who cannot socialise easily, the effects can be far-reaching indeed. The inner turmoil, which the person subdues, can have devastating effects on the physical and mental health of the person.

In such a case, it is often better to shed the mask, to speak frankly to people who are trustworthy. Everybody needs a confidant, for as has been said in the amazing movie 3 Idiots, ‘We have brains in our heads, not pressure cookers!’

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Mighty Insects: Don’t underestimate them!

Just two days ago another new problem started in our house. We already had the problem of lizards running to and fro, but two nights ago an invertebrate, which I have called an insect for the sake of convenience of categorisation (and because I am not very sure of their family), showed up in the living room: a ‘tentul biche’, it is called in Bengali. I haven’t really found their proper English name, but they are closely related to a commonly known, and feared, creature – the scorpion.

Now these aren’t real scorpions, as anyone can guess from their appearance. These creatures do sting, but I have been assured that a sting can only go as far as giving a swelling. My fear of mortally wounding poison has been waived, but I’m still treading carefully about the house.

Two nights ago, one appeared in the living room, was squashed, and forgotten. But the very next night, another was seen shooting past the living room under the sofa, and soon after another one was squashed in one of the bedrooms.

I am in general glad when I can stay away from any insect, but a member of the scorpion family running about the rooms is a bit too hard to take for anyone, especially for me. That night, I walked on my toes, hallucinated a dozen times, and was afraid I would find a few of them waiting by my bed the following day to wish me a good morning.

Nothing of that sort happened, however, and the next morning the primary objective was, of course, to clean every nook and corner of the house. The sofa was moved, some cupboards too, and every dark, small place where one of the creatures may be lurking was dusted and swept with disinfectants. It is intriguing how big an effect such small creatures can have on us, and it serves to show that although humans may think too much of themselves, even the smallest of creatures can make us go into a frenzy. Nothing should ever be underestimated!

As of now, no further incidents with those creatures have occurred, but it is always nagging in the back of my head, and at times I find myself treading cautiously, as if, if I am not careful, I will awake some demon which will eat my head off. Of course, you may say I am over-reacting, but some actions cannot be validated by rational logic. I know for a fact that, if no one else, at least Shylock from The Merchant of Venice supports me on this point!

That’s all for this week! I’ll be back next week with some more snippets and thoughts! In the meantime, do keep an eye on the Travel category of the blog; there are interesting things lined up for that category in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for reading!

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