Weekly Wonders #6: A Short Essay on Hope and the Tree of Life

I begin by begging pardon for my prolonged absence, dear readers. I’m sure you all will empathise when I say that I was very busy with exams, and hence unable to post.

And from now on, since the lockdown has spurred continuous assessments, it is likely I’ll be missing out on posting on some weeks. Therefore, Weekly Wonders will be numbered from now on instead of being marked by dates.

So without further ado, let us delve into the realm of thought with a short essay and a poem this week, both of which together form Room for Thoughts.

A Short Essay on Hope

[Adapted from a conversation I once had. The speaker is myself.]

The only thing that humanity feeds on to survive is hope.

Without hope, existence has no meaning whatsoever, and it is the very dearth of hope which is driving the suicide numbers higher and higher in today’s world. We all do hope for something good to happen, and with that hope in mind we do our everyday chores too.

Check the number of #hope posts and #depression posts on Instagram. Check the number of #happiness posts and the number of #sadnesss posts. It’s a good proof in today’s social media addicted world.

You see, hope is there in every nook and corner of life. It is the elemental driving force. The only psychological thing which can transform lives.

And it is hope from which stems desire… And it is desire which pushes us to work harder and harder to attain what we want… And it is from that, that we become successful…. And in the end, if luck does not favour us, we put it this way… That luck will favour us the next time, because we hope…

And that is how lifetimes cross.

The Banyan Tree

[Originally submitted in the Promethean Digital Fest by me.]

"Under the solitary banyan tree
I found you and you found me.
There you were, in an untidy heap
Crying your eyes out, in sorrow deep,
And there, in mutual sorrow we found
A love that will forever keep us bound.
Paradise I have found under this tree
So here let my final resting-place be."
The boy smiled, happy and sad, as he
Scattered the ashes at the base of the tree
"As you had wished, dear mother," said he.
('Adoptive' wasn't present in his dictionary.) 


That’s it for this week! I’ll be back soon with more snippets. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!


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