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Weekly Wonders #6: A Short Essay on Hope and the Tree of Life

I begin by begging pardon for my prolonged absence, dear readers. I’m sure you all will empathise when I say that I was very busy with exams, and hence unable to post. And from now on, since the lockdown has spurred continuous assessments, it is likely I’ll be missing out on posting on some weeks.…

10-16 August: Independence Week

This Independence Week, I’m revisiting my roots with a re-post of the first poem I posted on this blog. My Mother Nation {Adapted from Waha Janmabhoomi Meri  (वह जन्मभूमि मेरी) by Sohanlal Dvivedi (सोहनलाल द्विवेदी)} My mother-nation, I bow to thee The Himalayas, like barriers, stand tall in the north,The blue seas of the south…

3-9 August: Guilt and Reconciliation

Forgive me Please For I am a coward. I know you trusted me so much. I know how you thought of me As nothing less than your brother. And I also know that those feelings Are probably dead now.


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