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10-16 August: Independence Week

This Independence Week, I’m revisiting my roots with a re-post of the first poem I posted on this blog. My Mother Nation {Adapted from Waha Janmabhoomi Meri  (वह जन्मभूमि मेरी) by Sohanlal Dvivedi (सोहनलाल द्विवेदी)} My mother-nation, I bow to thee The Himalayas, like barriers, stand tall in the north,The blue seas of the south … Continue reading 10-16 August: Independence Week

3-9 August: Guilt and Reconciliation

Forgive me
For I am a coward.

I know you trusted me so much.
I know how you thought of me
As nothing less than your brother.

And I also know that those feelings
Are probably dead now.


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