Who am I?

Warning: This post is strictly esoteric, 
so please do not blame me if you feel
that every word has been written by a

‘Who am I?’ Perhaps the most commonly asked question in philosophy since humans were capable enough to think. This fundamental question has been asked for millennia now, and we still don’t have a concrete answer. That fact is, I believe, perfectly natural.

Everyone in the world must have asked this question to himself or herself at least once in his or her life, be it consciously or sub-consciously. Those who are spiritually inclined, or like to while away their free time thinking about anything and everything, have definitely asked themselves this question more than those who are bent on exploiting every chance of materialistic pleasure. Both these scenarios are perfectly normal and bound to happen; the universe is, after all, just a simple mixture of antagonistic objects.

But back to the question. ‘Who am I?’. Search it on Google. That’s the thing to do nowadays when you have a question. The first thing you will find is a song by Casting Crowns, the name of which is eponymous with our question. Then there are a few sites which describe in detail as to how to find out who you are. And this goes on and on and on….

Different people react differently to this question. While some really try to find out who they are, some just forget about the question and live life. Some believe, that we all are part of one eternal soul, while others believe that we are individual souls. Some believe that we are in a cycle of birth and rebirth, while others believe that we live only once.

Opinion of each person is bound to be different, and I will not try to prove any one of these opinions right or wrong. I would just like to share my take on this question.

I believe that we were not supposed to know the answer of this question definitely. I feel, that if we happen to come across a firm answer, we will stop trying to advance. Competition and curiosity are the two things that have driven humans to develop themselves as much as they have, and if any of the two is lost, our development is lost. Which is why, I believe, the Power that created us decided to keep the secret of who we are, secret, while we live in the mortal world.

I am also a huge believer in the following famous shloka from the Bhagavad Gita:
कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते माफलेषुकदाचनं।
The shloka means, that we must continue to do our duty (कर्म) and not think about the result (फल).

However, I am not an orthodox fatalist, and I believe that we can change our destiny with our actions. I also believe that we were all born to do our duty and play our role on the stage named Earth. Instead of asking ourselves who we are, we must all strive to be best form of ourselves we can, just like we try to be our best while performing on stage.

That was my personal take on the question ‘Who am I?’. Please share your opinions freely in the comments section below.

– Mokshist


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