Making a To-Do List

Don't underestimate a to-do list. 
It's a most a vital thing for a procrastinator.

I sat down to make a to-do list,
It was my very first attempt;
I’d been idling around,
Wearing a frown,
My body language showing contempt.

(I thought) My brother did not realise
What was the reason of this ado;
He suggested that I,
To make time fly,
Start writing a list of things to do.

My anger grew; I thought that he
Was simply joking around with me,
But I had a sudden whim
Instead of shouting at him
I started writing what seemed important to do, to me.

History to study now, English next,
And Mathematics after that;
The list just grew,
And time just flew,
Before I could even realise that.

I continued, kept on writing about
What I was planning to do next;
But before I could do
Whatever I would do
I had a page full of meaningless text.

I gazed at the page and thought
‘I can’t complete this, for sure’;
I turned to the bin
Tossed the paper in
And responded to the lure

To continue writing, not doing anything,
While the tasks just kept on piling;
I only looked at the time
When eight o’clock chimed
And saw, my brother slyly smiling;

I then realised, that I had
Bypassed an entire hour;
I was fascinated,
Without knowing, I had procrastinated
And bettered my mood, which had been sour.


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