16-26 July: An Elusive Comet and a Madman

[The week has been extended till Sunday, for henceforth I will be posting taking the week as Monday-Sunday] This weeks was a most anticipated week for me. The reason, of course, was that the Comet Neowise, which was supposed to be visible from the Northern Hemisphere this week. Alongside is a story, which has also … Continue reading 16-26 July: An Elusive Comet and a Madman

The Madman

'You think I am mad, don't you?' No response. The old man smiled further, as if he was enjoying himself thoroughly. His wrinkled cheeks and forehead, showing his age, did not stop his eyes from shining, which were still young. He had the look of a an enthusiastic teacher, ready to share his knowledge willingly, while also willing to listen to others. Then he said, quite abruptly, 'How do you know that it is I who is mad, and not you?'